RM3,899.00 RM4,499.00
Price RM3,899.00 RM4,499.00
Product SKU KD-55X85K
Brand SONY
Size (L x W x H) 16 cm x 135 cm x 84 cm
Availability 5
  • 4K HDR Processor X1™
  • 120Hz panel
  • Chromecast Built-in
  • Motionflow™ XR
  • Auto Low Latency Mode
  • 4K X-Reality™ PRO
  • Auto Genre Picture Mode
  •  Auto HDR Tone Mapping
  • Variable Refresh Rate
  • Dolby Vision® & Dolby Atmos®
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • X-Balanced Speaker
  • Light Sensor
  • Google TV
  • Voice Search
  • Smart remote
  • Approx. 18.1 kg Weight
  • Dimension without Stand : Approx. W 1233 x H 711 x D 72 mm
  • Dimension with Stand : Approx. W 1233 x H 783 x D 339 mm

2 YEARS SONY MALAYSIA WARRANTY (Extendable up to 5 Years)



+ 4K HDR Processor X1™

+ 120Hz panel

+ Auto Low Latency Mode

+ Variable Refresh Rate

+ Dolby Vision® & Dolby Atmos®

+ Google TV


4K HDR Processor X1™

Our powerful processor uses advanced algorithms to cut noise and boost detail. With an even clearer 4K signal, everything you watch is closer to 4K quality, full of life-like colour and contrast.



Our TVs with a wide colour gamut and unique TRILUMINOS PRO™ algorithm can detect colour from saturation, hue and brightness to reproduce natural shades in every detail. You'll enjoy colours that are closer to those seen in the real world. 


120Hz panel

Enjoy smoother motion and transitions on this TV with high 120Hz refresh rate.


4K X-Reality™ PRO

See glorious 4K pictures, rich with real world detail and texture, exclusively powered by our 4K HDR Processor X1™. Images filmed in 2K and even HD are upscaled close to 4K levels of detail by 4K X-Reality™ PRO using a unique 4K database.  


Motionflow™ XR

Enjoy smoother motion and transitions on this Sony BRAVIA 4K TV with high 120Hz refresh rate. You'll also see sharp details in fast moving scenes with Motionflow™ XR. This innovative technology creates and inserts extra frames between the original ones, comparing key visual factors on successive frames then calculating the split second of missing action in the sequences. 


Auto Low Latency Mode

With Auto Low Latency Mode in HDMI 2.1, BRAVIA recognises when a console is connected and powered on, and automatically switches to low latency mode. You'll enjoy smoother, more responsive gameplay – vital for fast-moving, high-intensity games.


Variable Refresh Rate

With a Variable Refresh Rate in HDMI 2.1, BRAVIA avoids stuttering delays and screen tearing. This TV dynamically adjusts the display refresh rate to match the variable frame rates of the gaming device for smoother gameplay.


Auto HDR Tone Mapping

With Auto HDR Tone Mapping the HDR settings will be optimised instantly during your PS5™ console’s initial setup. Your PS5™ automatically recognises individual BRAVIA TV models and selects the best HDR setting for your TV accordingly. So even in high contrast scenes, you’ll see the crucial details and colours in the brightest and darkest parts of the screen.


Auto Genre Picture Mode

BRAVIA automatically switches into Game mode to minimise input lag and make the action more responsive. When watching movies on PlayStation5® consoles, it switches back to Standard Mode to focus on picture processing for more expressive scenes.


X-Balanced Speaker

Designed to complement the sound quality and slimness of the TV with its unique new shape, our X-Balanced Speaker drives movies and music with clear sound.


Dolby Vision® & Dolby Atmos®

Enjoy cinematic thrills at home. Dolby Vision® brings scenes vividly to life for authentic viewing, while Dolby Atmos® fills the room with immersive surround sound.


Bluetooth connectivity

Connect Bluetooth® compatible devices to your TV for easy wire free entertainment. Pair your Bluetooth headphones or earphones with BRAVIA and enjoy TV shows and music in your favourite place - without any disturbances or interruptions.11 


Ambient Optimization

Sit back and enjoy an enthralling viewing experience. Our unique ambient optimisation technology with light sensor automatically adjusts picture and sound to your environment.12


Light Sensor

On conventional TVs, brightness stays the same regardless of light in a room, resulting in pictures that are too dark or bright. This TV includes a light sensor that optimises picture brightness to room conditions, boosting brightness in light rooms and reducing it in dark ones so you get the perfect view.


Sound optimisation for your room

Sound experience can change depending on your room environment. Curtains, for example, absorb sound while objects in front of the TV can disturb the passage of sound, compromising the quality of what you hear. This TV detects objects and reproduces sound that’s enhanced and optimised to your room.


Google TV

Browse 700,000+ movies and TV episodes from across your streaming services, all in one place and organised into topics and genres based on what interests you.


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